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six bay mares, six golden apples and seven days was all she wrote.

Friday, June 27, 2003
wading into shark-infested waters

last night - the maiden voyage of the baby pool. the water was too cold for an extended dip (stupid parents!), but Archer enjoyed playing with the pool toys and splashing around. he dropped the pool toys, we said, "uh-oh" and he said, "ah-ah" with the same cadence. He was walking around a little bit on the deck near the pool - he is still unsteady on his feet, but he is getting better at walking every day. step by step, baby steps. after dinner he was playing with his toys, and he has one toy in which you move different levers and push buttons and characters pop up and sing when you do it right. previously he had gotten the push button thing down, but had never done anything with the levers. last night he twisted one of the levers! at first we thought it was a fluke, but then he did it over and over .... he is learning so much! baby genius!

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Thursday, June 26, 2003
when we sleep we dream of angels

my guardian angel is Lucifer. he sits outside my window as I sleep and rolls red and black d10 while figuring out what to do with my soul. his long fingernails scrape the sill as he scoops up the dice again. I think he wants to come in, but he can't enter the house unless he is invited, and I am forbidden to invite evil into my heart. his dark eyes glitter as he peers through the curtains, seeing me, knowing me, adding me to his infernal balance sheet. I'm glad he is there ... after all, every girl needs a guardian angel.

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stop clicking

I clicked on one of the "most recently updated" blogs listed on blogger's main page. It was a web log "written" by two EverCrack characters. what has the world come to? of course, as someone who wrote a journal as her PC from a LARP, I guess I have little to be shocked about.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

there is no good tv on, so I am doing a lot more reading. this is a good thing. now that the weather has returned to abnormal (hey, it's not raining in Delaware! it's unprecipitated joy!) I have restarted my 6 AM walks. today I walked back in the secret passage of our neighborhood and got my new sneakers muddy. ick. what is odd is that the sprinting is getting easier. I have never been able to run for any distance without being unable to breathe or exhausted ... and I still can't run fast or far, but I can run. "can you run? I think not. I think not." -- the cat in Watership Down

Jason and I had a deal that one of us would get Harry Potter first and the other would get A Feast For Crows first. I got to choose, and I chose AFFC of course. J is a slow reader, and I couldn't bear the agony of waiting for him to finish the book I am dying to read. So, now he has Harry Potter. Hurry up, damn it!

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Out, Out, Damned Quiz

Which woman of Shakespeare are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

I was hoping to be Viola from Twelfth Night, but she is probably not one of the options anyway. I wish I had the body to be a cross-dresser. I'm so ... female. Ich.

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baby steps

Archer took four consecutive steps yesterday. He is going to be the Terror of The Seas one day, the Dread Pirate Castle!!!


The Hulk. Okay, you have to see it if you are a comic book fan. You need to stanch the feeling of incompleteness, I get that. We did too. Bring a pillow. I am serious. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The acting is good, except for a few moments. Jennifer Connelly is consistently good. the cinematography with the comic book split screen effects is cool. But the script ... why oh why did they go with that plodding script? YAWN. I have said it before, and I will say it again ... Make Mine DC!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2003
Jaime Lannister

Note: if you are not a fan of A Song Of Ice and Fire, reading the paragraph that begins with "Imagine" may still have meaning, especially if you believe in angels.

this is an excerpt from a WTFL e-mail (way too ... long) that I sent today, that I felt compelled to send because I feel so strongly about this man who doesn't exist. well, okay, that's not exactly true, but it's close enough for now.

I am sure you have heard millions of pro-Jaime arguments before, but
here is mine anyway - if you start falling asleep, stop reading.

When we meet Jaime in A Game of Thrones, the first significant thing
he does is throw a child out of a window, intending to kill him. That
is a truly monsterous act, made more monsterous by the fact that we
already know and like Bran. However, that is not what happened to
*Jaime* first, it's just where the book starts.

Imagine being in love with someone who knows your every thought and
every feeling, someone who knows you so completely she can read your
mind, someone who feels how you feel and thinks how you think, someone
who is so like yourself that you can look into a mirror and see her
eyes gazing back at you. Imagine the completeness, the perfection of
being enveloped in that love. Next imagine that this person, who is
so essentially like you, shares all of your childhood experiences, is
there for every moment, knows all of your in jokes, all of your
strengths, all of your weaknesses. Add to this the fact that you
really like yourself, even to the point of arrogance, and so does
she. There is no insecurity in this relationship. You love her and
she loves you, there is no doubt - but you can't have her.

That's incest and incest is wrong, right? Next, you are descended
from royal blood, your family ruled one of the Seven Kingdoms. Your
father tells you that you and your sister are worthy of royalty (Tywin
wants to marry Cersei to Rhaegar), and the royal family has a
tradition of marrying brother to sister. If they can do it, why not

Jaime doesn't want to have an illicit affair with Cersei. He loves
her, and his love is completely loyal - he has never had another
woman. He wants to marry her. In fact, he makes the argument above
to her and she tells him he's being ridiculous.

Also drawing Jaime and Cersei together is the fact that they don't
have loving parents - their mother is dead and their father sees them
as chess pieces in his power game. He's nicer to them than to Tyrion,
but they are better marriage material and therefore more useful.

So, Cersei is the most important person in the world to Jaime, and as
a teenager he impulsively signs his life away to be a member of the
Kingsguard, so he can be close to her ... but it didn't work out that
way. Now, in the complete emotional craziness of teenagerhood, Jaime
watches Aerys cook Rickard Stark in his armor, and the only thing that
keeps him from completely losing his mind is thinking of Cersei. He
breaks his oath and kills Aerys (which Robert was going to do anyway)
and all that happens is that he gets the title "Kingslayer" and the
world mistrusts him ... except for, again, his family.

I think that his relationship with Cersei is the most important thing
in the world to Jaime, it is what keeps him sane and strong, what
sustains him, and he would do anything in the world to preserve it and

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currently I am the second highest ranked Game of Thrones player in Delaware. actually it's a tie between me and Bret. Jason is the highest ranked player, and he deserves it because he is a better player than I am. Bret is not a better player than I am, though he is probably as good a player as I am. Now I have to decide if I care about the points or not. If I don't care, I should just let it go and let the points fall where they may. If I do care, I have to leap in there, go to every tourney and kick major ass. the math all breaks down like this - time at tourney = time not spent w/friends who don't play, time not spent with kid, babysitting hours used up for tourney and not movie or social event. however, I am more competitive than people think I am, and it might just kill me.

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